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Penthouse 808 Rooftop  Coco Bongo Queens  Coco Bongo Queens
The Attic Rooftop    Slate Lounge
M.S. PRODUCTIONS is a marketing and promotions company with a 21+ Latin-Mixed target audience.

Majority of our events revolve around the music genre of Top 40, House, Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Hip Hop, R&B, & more

We have 2 partner websites that target an 18+ college audience & a 21+ Urban crowd
www.CoAffairs.com - For 18+ college events
www.Society212.com - For Urban / Hip - Hop events
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NYC Halloween Parties NYC Thanksgiving Eve Parties - NYC New Years Eve Parties - Queens Clubs Lounges -
- Penthouse808 New Years Eve - La Nuit New Years Eve - Sofrito New Years Eve - Club Allure New Years Eve - Mamajuana Cafe New Years Eve -
- Motivo Cellar Bar Skyroom Cavo Sofrito Lair Lounge Arka Lounge Stage 48 Z Bar Club Providence Penthouse 808 Club Avanti Four Lounge Club Rumors Wall St Nightclub Mist Opus 51 Teqa LQ NY -
Rosewood Purlieu Cavo
Mamajuana Cafe Queens Mamajuana Cafe UWS Club Allure Club Glazz Lexicon NYC City View Rooftop La Nuit Sunset Lounge Heights Tavern Ava Lounge Jewel Yacht Le Reve SL Lounge -
760 Rooftop Bungalo Lounge Gabbana Lounge Copacabana Empire Hotel Phuket Raine Lounge System Copacabana NYC Inc Lounge Copacabana Rooftop Empire Hotel Rooftop Body Lounge Medusa The Attic -
Harrah's Pool Tonic Times Square Phuket Lounge Luxx NYC Star of Palm Beach Queen of Hearts Cinema Ultra Lounge LQ Gift NY at Grace Hotel Tropicana Queen of Hearts Copacabana Queen of Hearts Coco Bongo Rooftop 48 -
Hudson River Cafe Bar 13 Studio XXI Arena Lounge K Lounge Aspen Social Club Aloft Marquee Grace Hotel Empire Room Pranna System Danceclub Sunset Rooftop Lounge Indigo Rooftop Lounge
Rumba Lounge -
Empire Hotel Rooftop Thanksgiving Even Party Lexicon NYC Thanksgiving Eve Party News News News News Club Allure Halloween Mamajuana Cafe UWS Halloween Mamajuana Cafe Queens Halloween
Phuket and BodyLounge Halloween Dip Aquabar Lounge Penthourse 808 Halloween Cornucopia Majesty Boat Club Allure New Years Eve Party Raine Lounge New Years Eve Party Club Glazz New Years Eve Party

- NYC Halloween Party - Empire Hotel Halloween Party - -